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Assoc. Prof. Dr.


Industrial Designer Hakan Gürsu graduated from Middle East Technical University Industrial Design Department in 1984 in first rank and completed his master degree in Architecture and PhD in City Regional Planning.  He  continued  his  profession  in  various  projects  in  product  design,  interior, architecture and city planning and in diverse centers including Russia and Japan. In 1991, Japanese Industrial Design Association deemed him worthy of the ‘Pioneer of Design’ award. His product and space designs received several honors and accolades. DESIGNNOBIS Design / Innovation firm that he founded in 2006 is selected among Turkey’s Top 40 Entrepreneur Firms. He’s been honored in world’s prestigious design competitions by winning over 240 design awards within 13 years and made Turkey rank second in World Design Rankings held in EU. He  contributed  to  several  national  and  international  organizations  as  a  speaker  on  innovation, creative thinking, design and R&D, including TEDx, Intel, Coca Cola, IBM and World Bank. His book “Innovation” that reflects upon his experience on the area was published in 2014. Consecutively, he was honored as “Designer of the Year” by International Association of Designers in Milano. Ranging from boats, toys and furniture to consumer electronics, his environmentally friendly and visionary projects are introducing unusual solutions to common problems. Gürsu continues to train design students at METU.

International Association of Designers, “Designer of the Year”, 2014

Industrial Designers Society of Turkey, “Designer of the Year”, 2013

Ankara Yıldız Rotary Club, “Career Success Award”, 2010

Başkent Rotary Club, “Career Success Award”, 2008-2009

International Sustainable Development Conference, “Contribution to Sustainable Environment”, 2008

Forum Istanbul, “Outstanding National Representation in International Platforms”, 2008

Association of European Journalists, “Designer of the Year”, 2008

Union of Local Televisions, “National Hero”, 2008

Japanese Industrial Design Association, “Pioneer of Design”, 1991

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